PCA or PCA Choice Services

PCA or PCA Choice Services

As a PCA service recipient of Charm Home Care, you need to be informed and educated of the following two types of PCA service that we provide. 


With traditional PCA Services, our agency is in charge of making employment decisions while clients can still instruct their PCAs daily work directions, adjust and schedule according to their needs.  Charm Home Care will be responsible for meeting all the relevant employment laws and requirements and will be more actively involved in the care of our clients. Under Traditional PCA service agreement, Charm Home Care is responsible for:

  • Developing client Care Plans with help of the client and /or their Responsible Party (ies)
  • Hiring, training, scheduling, substituting (providing back-up) and firing of the PCA staffs.
  • Supervising, overseeing and evaluating of PCA staffs.
  • Monitoring PCA hour usage.

Note that Charm Home Care allows the client to schedule their own PCAs and have us take care of all the steps involved with hiring, training, scheduling and firing of PCAs.


Under this PCA Services option, the client and /or their Responsible Party (ies) are considered the employer. Charm Home Care will strictly be a fiscal intermediary.  The PCA Choice option makes the Client (Service Recipient) and /or their responsible party (ies) accountable for:

  • Developing Care Plans ( could seek the help of a Qualified Professional like an RN)
  • Hiring, firing, training, scheduling and monitoring the PCAs.
  • Finding PCAs replacements who can deliver services whenever necessary.
  • Monitoring PCA hour usage.
  • Maintaining documentation of PCA tasks and actions.

Note: All PCA choice staffs are eligible to join the Minnesota’s PCA Union called Service Employees International Union (SEIU) (http://www.seiuhealthcaremn.org/). PCAs who work for a client under PCA Choice and joins the union wil pay union dues and also vote in union matters. Charm Home Care is acting as fiscal intermediaries and will meet the terms of SEIU, including paying the set minimum wage, paying PTO at specified rates and collecting the union dues effective when SEIU notifies us in writing.

Certain people who are ineligible individual in the Minnesota Restricted Recipient Program (MRRP) may not be eligible to receive our PCA Choice Services.