Our Services


Personal Care Attendant (PCA) service is non-medical type of health care that enables people to live independently within their homes and stay in their community. PCA services are available to clients with disabilities of all ages, the elderly (over age 65), and to clients with chronic health conditions. Read More

Home Making Services

A homemaker would be able to provide assistance in the following areas: General Tidying Up, Cleaning the bathroom, Cleaning the kitchen, Cleaning the refrigerator, Cleaning the oven, Cleaning the microwave, Wiping off appliances, Dusting, Grocery Shopping, Vacuuming, Running Errands and many more... Read More

24 Hour emergency assistance

On-call counseling and problem solving and/or immediate response for assistance at a person's home due to a health or personal emergency. Primary caregiver: Individual principally responsible for the care and supervision of the person. Read More

Individual Community Living Support (ICLS)

ICLS covers assistance and support in the following service categories: Active cognitive support, Adaptive support service, Activities of daily living (ADLs), Household management , Health, safety and wellness, Community engagement. Read More