How do I get started as a PCA?

How do I get started as a PCA?
July 25, 2019 Comments Off on How do I get started as a PCA? Employee Questions charmhome
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To get started as a PCA, please read about Charm Home Care’s Personal Care Assistants. Then go through and understand our PCA Job Description to make sure you are willing and able to meet all of our requirements and qualifications. If you are, follow the steps of our Application Process. [Briefly, this process includes filling out an Application Packet and receiving a certificate of completion through the required DHS Online PCA Training Program. You can turn these in via mail, fax, or email. Once received, we do a quick interview (often over the phone) and then you complete the Background Consent Form. Then you will receive an additional form from us to bring to a DHS approved site to have your photo and fingerprints taken as part of the background study process. We then set a time for training after a successful background study.

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