What type of training do your PCAs receive?

What type of training do your PCAs receive?
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PCAs receive the majority of their training at orientation. The orientation session covers the following:

  1. A review and check of all required employment forms (if needed).
  2. Information on Charm Home Care and its policies.
  3. Training on completing timesheets and an explanation on signatures and fraud.
  4. An annual In-service Test and Mandated Reporter Test.
  5. Training on general health care, privacy concerns, and safety issues. These include administering first aid, assisting a client who has fallen, calling for emergency assistance, taking care of an ill client, client confidentiality, communication, body mechanics, incident reporting, mandated reporter requirements, and OSHA Standards (identification and prevention of communicable diseases/blood borne pathogens/universal precautions, and the company’s Exposure Control Plan).
  6. Training specific to the client being served. This may include training on assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), health related procedures, using equipment, and redirection/intervention of behaviors. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) may also be covered.
  7. The Qualified Professional will also observe PCAs performing the required tasks that ensure competency of PCA staff to provide the required PCA services. This observation can also happen during a 14 day follow-up after initial orientation.
  8. Review of the client’s Care Plan and PCA Choice Agreements (if applicable).

Charm Home Care will maintain records of the training a PCA has completed. As a client’s needs change, or if a PCA is assigned to new clients, additional training will be given on an as-needed basis. PCAs who are assigned to clients requiring extensive care may be required to “shadow” a current PCA prior to starting their first shift. In addition, PCAs will be required to pass an In-service Test, as well as a Mandated Reporter Test, every year. New training information will be included with each test in order to keep PCAs updated on information they need to know.

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