What is flexible use?

What is flexible use?
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When you are assessed for PCA services, you are allocated a certain number of “units,” which determine how many hours per day your PCA may work. Most people receiving PCA services can use their units flexibly. A service agreement (usually one year long) gives a total unit amount. Often, a service agreement is split in half (into two 6-month periods) and the total units split (50/50) and assigned to each period. Nonetheless, you may split the units differently if you chose but no more than 75% can be allocated to one 6-month period of time. This can be helpful with children receiving services to allot more units to the 6-month period that covers the period of time when school is out for the summer. Clients must tell the Public Health Nurse at their assessment (or reassessment) if they want something other than a 50/50 split. Units do not roll-over from one 6 month period to the next, so getting the correct allocation is very important.

Clients also have flexibility with how many hours per day their PCA works. For example, if a client is allocated 2 hours per day, they can have the PCA work 2 hours every day or something different, such as 4 hours on Monday, 4 hours on Wednesday, and 6 hours on Saturday. You can even use more hours one week if you are sick and cut back the next week. A Qualified Professional works with our clients to come up with a monthly usage plan. It is important to manage allocated hours so they last through the end of each six month period of time.

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